This article espouses realistic business ideas for ladies in Nigeria.

In a country like Nigeria where there is economic hardship and rampant unemployment, many ladies look up to starting a business as a means of escape from economic hardship.

As a result, you are looking for business ideas that will make you comfortable and enable you to have flexible schedules, so you can spend amazing time with your families and friends. 

These 25 business ideas might turn you into an instant millionaire. Check them out and find the business idea you may be searching for.



Financial transactions are an essential part of human existence. Have you ever wondered why P.O.S. is becoming a booming business in Nigeria?

Sometimes, when the bank ATM refuses to dispense cash, many people flock around P.O.S. vendors like sheep in order not to waste their valuable time in the banking hall.

As a lady that needs financial freedom, if you are still thinking of venturing into a business, I can guarantee you that the P.O.S. business is very lucrative.

Starting a P.O.S. business requires space and a P.O.S. machine.  There are some factors you need to consider before getting a space for your P.O.S. business.

Your P.O.S. stand shouldn’t be close to the bank so that you can get many customers. Erecting a P.O.S. stand close to a bank can be likened to an effort in futility.

There are factors to consider when looking for a new location. You also need to establish your P.O.S. stand in a location where security is guaranteed to prevent cases of arm robbery attacks. 

Before people get cash from you, you will charge them your fee.

Can you now see that starting a  P.O.S. business is a very profitable idea?

Many ladies are doing this business and smiling at their account balance every day.


This business is one of the trending businesses in Nigeria.

As a result of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria, the phones and gadget charging business has become a gold mine.

Many households in Nigeria cannot afford to buy a generating set or petroleum to power the generating set. 

The nitty gritty associated with this business is getting a space and then demanding a token of money for people to get their phones and gadget charged.

The unstable electrical power supply witnessed in many parts of Nigeria has made this business a lucrative one.



Did you know that clothing, food and shelter are the necessities of a man? That is why it makes the list of good business ideas for ladies in Nigeria.

Second-hand clothes are popularly called Okrika or bend-down select which have never run out of vogue.

People will gladly patronize second-hand clothes traders rather than go to boutiques to buy expensive clothes.

As a lady, if you are fashion-inclined, many people will buy your clothes. All you need to succeed in this business is aggressive marketing skills.

Buying trendy clothes will earn you more profit. 

Are you wondering where you can get clean second-hand clothes in large quantities in Nigeria? Don’t worry. Katangua Market in Abule-egba, Lagos has become a large meeting point for traders selling Okrika clothes.

With capital as low as N10,000 you can start this business and work your path to financial prosperity.


In this computerized generation, hardly will you see an adult in Nigeria that don’t have a mobile phone.

As a result of this, sales of recharge cards is a business that has come to stay in Nigeria. Have you seen that Airtel advert that says Data is life?

Yeah, you can start selling data and making huge profits because most Nigerians are addicted to their social media pages for various reasons.

Besides we live in a computerized society and the world is fast experiencing interconnectedness, where everybody yearns for online communication.

As a data vendor, you will buy data from the VTU platforms and telecommunications giants at a reasonable price and resell it to your customers.

This business is as hot as coal in Nigeria. A 2021 statistics linked to the Nigerian communication commission (NCC), revealed that Nigerians purchase at least 80,000 data gigabytes.

This business can fetch you a fortune that will last if you are consistent with it.


Blogging is fast becoming a very profitable business. As a lady, this business is a very easy one because it requires more intellectual strength than physical strength.

If you are passionate about writing, you can excel in the blogging field.

As a blogger, you are required to have a laptop and smartphone so that you can publish your content.

The process required in blogging entails getting a domain name, selecting your blogging platform (e.g. Word press) then publishing your content.

As a blogger, you will keep smiling to the bank if you are consistent and you can figure out cheap ways to drive traffic to your website.

Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimokokorkus are examples of women in Nigeria who have ventured into blogging and are smiling at their banks. 


Food is a basic necessity for man. If there is one thing Nigerians can’t do without, it is food.

Nigerians are lovers of parties – birthdays, weddings or naming ceremonies. As a good cook, you can offer your cooking skills at parties and get paid.

If you are not a good cook, try to learn from professional caterers either online or offline because catering is one of the lucrative businesses that has gained worldwide recognition.



Did you know that in the photography business, you can make N50,000-N100,0000 per week if you are good at it? 

I know a quote that says “Some memories are memorable, remaining ever striking and heartwarming.” What is the business that creates memories? It is photography.

Celebrations will never go out of style, especially in Nigeria, and you could also make photography one of the things you can do outside by yourself.

There is high demand for photo shoots by Nigerians due to various events such as birthdays, pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots etc.

Have a good camera, take training courses in photography, open a studio and start charging people money for your service.

Besides, photography is not stressful and could be a hobby for some ladies who are fascinated with photography.

What are you waiting for? Delve into this business and obtain your ticket to financial independence.


You can help clients to decorate their offices, and houses and get paid.

During yuletide seasons like Christmas and New Year, shopping malls and offices usually hire the service of an interior decorator.

If you have a passion for art, colour and design, this business is for you. Some Interior decorators get paid in millions of naira.

Start this business and see how your finances will witness a positive turnaround.


Ice block is water in its frozen state. I am sure you know many parts of Nigeria are faced with erratic power supply.

The ice block business is as big as an elephant because most soft drink sellers usually patronize ice block traders so that they can sell their drinks.

Most Nigerians also prefer cold drinks to warm drinks because the Nigerian weather is hot.

Statistics revealed it is mainly on medical grounds that Nigerians reject cold drinks and some traders have become homeowners because of this ice block business.

Why not give this ice block business a try?

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Have you ever wondered why make-up artists are raking in millions?

Well, the reason is not far-fetched. Many Nigerians love to attend Owanbe parties and they usually demand the service of a make-up artist.

You can make a huge fortune by starting a make-up business but before you start, you need to get make-up training either on YouTube or from professionals offline.

You also need a make-up box. If you are outstanding in the field of make-up business, you will be smiling at the bank each day.

Why not grab this business idea to boost your finances?


Poultry farming is a very profitable business in Nigeria, it is a money-making and easy agriculture business idea where animals like turkeys and chickens are reared either for consumption purposes or the production of eggs.

Although poultry farming is capital-intensive, before you start this business, have some form of training in the poultry business, and build a pen where your chickens will be kept.

Did you know that the demand for chicken is usually high during the festive period?

Also, many households in Nigeria consume eggs as an alternative to fish and meat. You can start this business and make millions of naira.

Yeah, I am not exaggerating. Do you think poultry farming is for men alone? Don’t worry ladies like you also venture into this business.

The journey to financial freedom begins when you start a business that is never out of demand.



Fashion design otherwise called the tailoring business is as old as mankind. Apart from food and shelter clothing is another basic necessity of a man.

As a lady, if you are fashion-inclined, then the fashion design business is not going to be a big deal for you. Apart from getting trained as a fashion designer, you need marketing skills either online or offline to get clients.

Apart from parties, people wear clothes every day, and the demand for fashion designers is always on the rise.

In a country like Nigeria, where unemployment had taken a negative toll on people. You can try this business and become an employer of labour.


Hair-making is a very good business in Nigeria. Can you braid hair and fix weapons? If your answer is yes, then, smile and relax your mind.

The hair-making business is a business that yields profit. To excel in this business, you need great marketing skills, and you can rent a shop if you can afford it.

But if you can’t rent a shop, all you need is good marketing skills as many women usually make their hair every weekend to look good.

Are you worried that you don’t know how to make hair? Don’t worry, you can hire a professional hair stylist that will be making hair for your customers while you render other services.

Even if you are not making hair, you can make wigs for clients interested in it. Hair making business is not only profitable in Nigeria. It is profitable globally.



Setting up an eatery business can be capital-intensive. At times, it depends on how you want the standard of your eatery to be.

You can start this business especially if you have a passion for cooking delicious meals. Travelers are loyal customers that visit eateries to quench their hunger.

Apart from travelers, people from all walks of life visit eateries to order their meals. In a place like Lagos where there is usually traffic congestion, most working classes don’t have time to cook.

Ladies with no formal education have become homeowners and breadwinners in their families due to the huge profit realized from setting up an eatery business.

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Liquid soap production is fast becoming a lucrative business in Nigeria. Many middle-class families prefer buying liquid soap from liquid soap traders because it is cheap and affordable.

You can start this business without any hindrance. It doesn’t require huge capital. Most NGOs in Nigeria usually offer free training in liquid soap making.

To excel in this business, you need a good marketing strategy.

You can sell your liquid soap cheaply to make more sales and you also need good branding so that you can register the name of your product in the mind of Nigerians.



Most event planners earn millions of naira. Nigeria is a country where by Owanbe party has become a norm every weekend.

Having this mind, it is important to first of all note that there are tips to starting an event planning business with no money

Many people usually consult event planners to help them plan their parties. Apart from Owanbe parties, you can be an event planner for corporate organisations.

The major thing you need to know in event planning is the budget of your clients. You can start this business to boost your standard of living.


A freelance writing business is also a great idea. If you are a good writer, don’t sweat too much because you can monetize your writing skills.

You can start writing for blogs, and magazines and get paid.

The interesting part of being a freelance writer is that you can do this business either full-time or part-time.

This business is easy to start if you are passionate about writing.


Animal husbandry involves breeding and caring for animals. You can rear animals like cows, pigs etc.

If you have a flair for caring for animals. You can start this business and make millions of naira.

Animal husbandry business includes piggery farming, snail farming, and rearing of cows for the production of meat, and also making a great business out of beekeeping

Knowing the nitty-gritty of this business can earn you millions of Naira.


Education is one of the rapidly moving businesses in Nigeria.

Are you knowledgeable in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, accounting, Commerce, Government, and Literature?

Then this business will be of benefit and you can turn your knowledge into a money-making machine.

You can teach students that are weak in the aforementioned subject and get your credit alert either monthly or weekly depending on your negotiations with your students’ parents or guardians.

The instrument needed in starting this business is a building where the student will learn, a marker, pens, chalk and a chalkboard.

If you can’t afford to rent a building for tutorials, you can teach the students in their various homes.

Can you now see that tutorial business is one of the ways to boost your finance and can be done online?


Dropshipping is a business whereby a trader doesn’t keep the commodities he or she sells in stock. You just need to learn some mini-importation secrets.

The dropshipping business is very profitable. Are you getting worried that you need capital before you start a business?

Relax your mind because there are some businesses you don’t need to start with a capital and dropshipping is one of them.

In starting a drop shipping business, you need to choose your niche. You need to market products that are highly demanded in the market. Your niche might be selling clothes, bags and shoes, apart from carving out your niche.

You need a reliable supplier that will meet your customer’s demands. Most Nigerian dropshippers usually get their suppliers from China especially dropshippers that are into clothing.

They get their goods from sites like Alibaba and Amazon. For you to make a profit in drop shipping, You need aggressive marketing skills either offline or online. When customers order your products.

You will inform your supplier and the goods will get to your customers after removing your percentage from the money paid by your customers.

You don’t need to have a shop before you start this business. 

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Affiliate marketing is a business that is done online.

All you need to do is to link up with companies looking for marketers to market their products.

Online stores in Nigeria like Jumia, Konga, and Jiji provide a platform for affiliate marketers. When you help these online stores to market their products and they get customers from you, you get commisions.

The services you render will definitely be paid for. You can help online firms to advertise their products on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You don’t need to become a beast of burden like a camel before you market a product because we are now living in a digital age.

Why not consider affiliate marketing as a business so that you can wave goodbye to financial problems?


Many Nigerians are lovers of Garri and Fufu. You can start this business if you are passionate about farming.

You need a piece of land if you want the business to be on a large scale. You can also engage the service of labourers.

Garri and fufu are food staples consumed in many Nigerian homes. You can start this business to improve your standard of living.

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In case you don’t know, you can become a millionaire from the plantain chip production business.

Many Nigerians love snacks and plantain chip is one of their favourites. Besides, the demand for plantain chips is as high as Mount Everest.

Many Nigerians love either peppered plantain chips or tasty plantain chips even when stuck in traffic.

You need ingredients like sugar, preservatives, salt and pepper to make your plantain chips crispy and crunchy.

You need a very hygienic place, and may need to register your plantain chip business with NAFDAC.

You can get plantain chips in the hands of street hawkers, large stores and shopping malls. In all honesty, Plantain chip is a business you can start with #15,000 and make profits of #50,000 daily.

Even the manufacturers of plantain chips snacks make huge amounts of money. In the plantain chips business, you can never go broke if you know the necessity required for the business.

Start your plantain chip business and wave goodbye to lack of money. The profit generated from this business can turn you into an instant millionaire. What are you still waiting for?



If you are a lover of providing meaningful content to people. Then you will go a long way in the YouTube business.

However, starting a youtube business requires consistency, endurance and patience. Can you bake, cook, dance or sing?

If your answer is yes, you can start a YouTube channel by teaching your viewers how to do this thing, and it can also be a useful way to grow an already existing business.

YouTubers earn profits by joining the YouTube partnership program. You can produce any content on YouTube as long as it is entertaining and educative.


Have you noticed that, in recent times, most Nigerians use gas to cook their meal?

The use of gas has surpassed the use of kerosene in most Nigerian homes recently. As a result of this, the selling of gas has become lucrative.

Despite patronizing eateries, many Nigerians prefer home-cooked meals. They opt for the use of gas to cook their meal. You can start a gas plant by selling gas to people.

This business is very profitable because most people cook and eat every day. The equipment needed in starting a gas shop includes a scale, gas cylinder and hose.


Having a business idea is the precursor to starting a successful business and becoming financially independent.

Many Nigerian ladies are breaking from the work barriers of 9 am-5 p.m jobs so that they can have enough time for themselves.

Starting a business has led many Nigerian women to the path of financial breakthroughs and you can join them on that path.

Let me know your experience after starting any of these usiness ideas.

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