Best 18 Video Editing Software for Business

So, you have plans to come up with a video marketing plan. What next? You will need the right tool for getting your message across in the most professional manner or in a way that brings in more business to you.

Any software program capable of editing, changing, producing, or manipulating a video or movie file is referred to as Video Editing Software. You can use a video editor to eliminate chunks of a video, chop and arrange a movie to make it flow better, or apply effects to make it look better.

When running a business these days, it has become essential to have the right video marketing strategy. Dealing in top-quality video content will help you in capturing leads that further make customers.

As might be known to you, video content consists of sound and images. To bring both these elements together, you need the right video editor. To make the process of choosing the right video editing tool easier, you can go through the list of different apps provided below:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

This is one of the most widely used, professional-quality video editors. Adobe Premiere Pro is considered a classic among the other tools for video creation and editing available in the market.

Also, it is one of the most popular options chosen by experts for the post-production of television series and films. The software comes loaded with several functionalities. At the same time, it is compatible with varied operating systems like Mac and Windows.

The video editing software comes loaded with several functionalities. With Adobe Premiere Pro, the users get a plethora of image and video formats. Hence, it can rightly be said that it is one of the most versatile options available in the market. It allows users to edit everything, starting from feature films to short clips.

Adobe Premiere Pro is in a league of its own for those who will only accept the best.

It will leave you lacking nothing, thanks to multi-cam capabilities. Photoshop-level color correction via the Lumetri Color tool, 360 VR support, immersive titling and graphics, transitions, and countless other features.

It’s a big commitment at $20 a month. But it’s well worth it if you want to make amazing videos for your business.

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2. Apple iMovie

This beginner-friendly tool specifically designed for Mac users is not just simple but highly elegant. It makes video editing an easy procedure. The app can be used for creating 4K videos by simply choosing video clips and adding effects, music, and titles.

With iMovie, users can work on their iPads and iPhones along with Mac. You can create stunning videos within minutes.

The app comes with a selection of several animated credits and titles you can add to videos to make them stand out.

The app also offers 10 highly creative filters you can add to videos to offer them a special cinematic appearance.

Users also get the scope of changing the speed of the shots to make them more exciting. Then can even go for a photo-in-photo effect or add a split-screen.

One of the best features of this video-creating app is its green-screen or chroma key that helps users in placing the characters of their videos in different exotic locations.

Videos created through iMovie can easily be shared through messages; published directly on YouTube or posted on famous social media channels.

If you use a Macbook, you already have one of the most capable and elegant video editing software programs available.

Apple iMovie is sleek, straightforward, clean, and sophisticated, as well as incredibly simple to use. iMovie has an amazing capacity with green screen capabilities, connectivity with iTunes and GarageBand for sounds and music.  You can also  share your project wirelessly across all of your Apple devices (and all this is absolutely free).

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3. HitFilm Express

HitFilm is the right choice for you if you want to create stunning videos that speak of mind-boggling effects. This free video editing tool comes with more than 180 special effects that can easily be added to videos.

The app also features helpful and fun tutorials on using the different exclusive effects in videos.

4. InVideo

InVideo is a video editing tool that works with the intent of re-inventing video creation and making it easily accessible to users worldwide. With more than 4000 templates and 9M premium media, InVideo has got everything required for making and editing videos for varied moods and genres.

The large audio library of this tool never runs out of stock, not to say its customizable features that are all the more useful to the users. The use of this app will make it super-easy to come up with videos of the best quality.

The flexible timeline of this drag and drop editor further helps in enhancing the user’s journey of creating professional videos.

To summarize, almost any individual, regardless of whether he or she is an expert or an amateur, can create scroll-stopping video content with the use of this app. 

5. Vimeo PRO

Vimeo gives video creators and business organizations of all kinds the tools they need to make incredible stories and engage with their audiences, customers, and employees.

With over 90 million members in over 150 countries, it offers creators sophisticated tools for hosting, sharing, and selling videos, as well as video solutions for organizations’ internal communications and marketing strategies.


Apple Final Cut Pro X is a great product that allows you to make spectacular video material if you’ve progressed beyond iMovie and are ready to genuinely invest in software (and your content creation).

Despite its immense capability, the interface remains friendly and intuitive (albeit more difficult than the other programs on this list)—and Touch Bar compatibility is guaranteed to please cutting-edge Mac users.

Apple Final Cut Pro X is specifically meant for highly advanced editors. This is one software that requires serious investment if you are serious about your brand promotion.

This masterful app allows users to create some of the most spectacular videos that bring in customers automatically. It comes with intensive power, and its user interface is not just intuitive but friendly as well.

While the pricing is a little high at $299.99, it’s a significant discount from the prior $1,000 offering, making this program even more appealing.


Filmora is an excellent first video editor for a variety of reasons. It’s easy to use, intuitive and has a large range of effects, filters, overlays, titles, and transitions.

Even better, it comes with an “Easy Mode” that lets you make professional-looking films in minutes. All by just selecting a theme, dragging and dropping clips, and selecting music.

Filmora’s interface and cost are both beginner-friendly without sacrificing quality. Starting at $59.99 lifetime license and $39.99 for a year’s use.

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VSDC Free Video Editor is the perfect match for Windows customers looking for a sophisticated, comprehensive video software package that is free (unless you pay for technical support).

This outstanding software is more than enough to help your organization create professional-looking video material.

Features including compatibility for practically every video format, color correction, object transformation, and sound normalization.


CreateStudio is the most advanced video animation software available, and it’s designed for both expert and inexperienced video artists!

Allowing users to generate custom animations while also allowing them to use motion presets and templates for simplicity of use and speed.

Explainer videos with 2D/ 3D characters, lower third animations, logo stings, viral YouTube content, social videos, sales & promo videos, mobile tales, eCommerce advertisements, local business videos, and nearly any other type of video may be created with ease.

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HitFilm Express is a free video editing software that includes over 180 unique effects, as well as entertaining and informative training. Upgrade to HitFilm Pro for $349 for even more mind-blowing effects.


This open-source screen recording and video editing software assist videographers in capturing and mixing audio and video to produce visuals that include text and images.

To blend audios, teams can employ filters such as noise reduction and noise gate. Managers can also customize hotkeys for operations like muting audio sources, switching scenes, beginning or halting recordings, and more in OBS Studio.

It includes preview functionality, which allows employees to see graphics aforehand.


OpenShot is a feature-rich and stunning free video editing software that is available to all users (on Mac, Windows, and even Linux).

3D animated titles, picture overlays, an advanced timeline (with drag-and-drop, snapping, panning, and zooming), desktop integration, infinite tracks/layers, curve-based keyframe animations, and support for different formats are just a few of the features.

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Corel VideoStudio Pro has everything you need to make amazing videos that are genuinely cutting-edge.

VideoStudio Pro is the first consumer video editing software package to integrate motion tracking. It gives the ability to follow or “track” a specific item throughout your film.

This is in addition to the advanced features found in many higher-end video editing software tools. It’s a very affordable program to make your videos cutting-edge. 


Powtoon enables anybody to generate measurable outcomes. It transforms daily communication into visual experiences that motivate their audience to act.

No skills are required to create fully personalized,explicit and professional videos using the all-in-one platform. 


This editing software enables video artists, small businesses and marketing teams to create videos. You can do this with HD visuals, audio, and images.

To make movies, WeVideo provides a variety of editing tools. This includes animated text, green screen, motion titles, and a screen recording capability, among others.

Professionals may interact in real time across teams and directly submit custom-branded videos to social media sites using the technology.

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16. Wistia

This is yet another superb quality video creating and editing software that helps users in making interactive videos. It best works for individuals or professionals looking to empower their business with interactive video content.

A video is also a strong way to improve your search engine ranking—having a video incorporated on your website increases your chances of being on the first page of Google results. 

You can effectively use Wistia for customizing video players. There are different elements that can help users to make interactive video content simply by following a few crucial steps.

17. Animaker

This animated video creation app makes it very easy for its users to come up with the most exciting videos. The app is absolutely free of cost. One of the best available for those looking to start their video-making objectives without spending a dime.

Animaker is way more useful than other apps on this list because it helps to create and edit animated videos. These are the most powerful ways for businesses to detail their products and work procedures.

The simple but useful drag and drop feature of this tool makes it easy for users to create videos without hassles. You can create stunning videos in 6 exclusive styles. There are even templates to help of the users.

18. VSDC Free Video Editor

Craving for an advanced and sophisticated video editing tool for Windows? Go for VSDC Free Video Editor.

It boasts an assortment of sleek tools like support for different video formats, object transformation, sound normalization, and color correction. This impressive app is more than sufficient to help businesses create professional-grade videos within a matter of a few seconds.

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The Verdict

Video is undeniably one of the most relevant and engaging content formats available today. As one of the marketing trends you can’t ignore, it is set to continue.

With all of the noise and competition for your business on the internet, capturing and keeping a potential client’s or customer’s attention is a huge issue for anyone.

One of the greatest ways to do this is through video content. There is a slew of free video editing tools that may help you stand out from the crowd and have you editing films like an expert in no time.

Video contents are a great way to connect with, inform, and engage both potential and existing customers. From explainer videos to “get to know us” videos of your company’s history or mission, video is a great way to connect and interact.

To summarize, you can find the details of some of the most helpful video editors for businesses here. And these tools are sure to give your business promotion a boost when you use it the right way.

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