These 24 Amazing Apps Will Fast-Track Your Productivity

In this 21st century, everyone wants to produce more in less time and that includes you. Every human who does a lot of tasks would definitely love to boost productivity and output.

The good news is technology has made a lot of things easier as certain apps are available to boost your productivity and efficiency.

I recall a time I just started freelancing as a writer and most of my clients would request a PDF format of the job. These requests usually leave me confused as I worked mostly on my phone and didn’t know I could convert whatever task on it through an app.

Shortly afterward, a friend of mine who had a new laptop with the latest windows 10 professionally brainwashed me into believing that only laptops with such updated windows could create PDF documents. He then offered to help convert my articles to PDF for a large sum of money.

Since I had no choice at that time, I agreed to his offer and gave him about half of my earnings to convert Word documents to PDF.

This continued until I met a guy who introduced me to the WPS office app. This app made my productivity jump incredibly as I didn’t need to meet my friend who charged me a lot just to make a conversion.

Today, I’ll list some apps that have worked for me and others you can use to enhance your productivity in no small way.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Yeah, this app is the top on my list because basecamp is arguably one of the most productive apps that have many functions. With Basecamp, you can delay notification for up to 3 hours; it can also make you decide the specific time you wish to start receiving notifications.

The main reason I love basecamp is the fact that it helps me to delay notifications when I am seriously busy. This keeps distractions at bay and makes me finish up my task in less time.  I usually use basecamp to set notifications to 7 pm because I would have finished my projects with ease by then.

You can also use it to assign tasks to people and assignees are notified about the task immediately. It makes communication around tasks faster and transparent to all.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

In the world we are today, there are thousands of different apps but I can say a thousand times that LIFT is one out of millions. LIFT also known as is an app that can boost your psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Imagine you have a target or habit you wish to work on, but you have no one to encourage you, do you know LIFT can help you with it and you won’t need someone to remind you anymore? It monitors just anything – breakfast, exercise, reading schedules, water intake, sleep, meditation or whatever you want it to remind you.

This app is robot-like. It is almost perfect as it also reminds you to celebrate your achievements with a feature called Checkin.

The app also comes with a feature called the support system which provides encouragement to its users. The sweetest thing about this app is that it is a free app and does not require any form of subscription.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

If you’re a writer, you seriously need this! This app is very important for writers and a must-have. Grammarly checks for mistakes, typographical errors, skipped lines, poor tenses, incorrect spellings, missing punctuations, missing articles and lots more in your write-ups.

If you are an upcoming writer who makes a lot of grammatical blunders when writing, I will recommend Grammarly to you. The beautiful thing about the app is that it is very easy to use and comprehend.

All you need to do is just to paste your write up on the app and it will proofread your write-up, underline your errors and tell you what exactly is meant to be there.

The most important thing I love about Grammarly is the fact that you get more professional in your writing skills as you use it and learn from it consistently. I need not tell you your confidence in writing will also increase.

It also has a web extension to help edit your emails and any online writing platform you use such as Google keep or ever note.

Luckily, it can also be used on your Microsoft word documents provided you are connected to the internet and the sweetest thing about this app is that it is free at the basic general level.

However, if you want more in-depth features, you could go for a premium version at a low cost. Can you see there’s so much goodness in Grammarly?

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This is a very important time management app that lets the user know the amount of time spent online. I really love RESCUE TIME because it helps me to manage my time efficiently and allows me to block some websites that eat up my time unnecessarily.

Rescue time makes you know the amount of time you spend daily on some websites like Facebook and YouTube. Anytime, you go overboard on your regular websites, it calls you back to order and helps you manage your time effectively in the long run.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

If you haven’t started using EVERNOTE, you are so wrong. Yes, you are missing out on a lot of things. I don’t just know the perfect words to explain this app. It is simply superb! It is available for anything and everything. Evernote is the most popular and most used digital notebook apps.

With EVERNOTE, you can write your ideas and even take a voice recording of an idea that struck your mind at a particular time. With Evernote, you can also save articles or any other important thing you find helpful online. Evernote is just too productive that you can as well scan documents with it.

This app is like a small encyclopedia that you can always make reference to especially the information you don’t want to miss. I would not be able to explain all the productive features of Evernote here as there are many of them. Just try to get it and thank me later.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Have you ever had multiple ideas of a project but you don’t know how to get it organized? Then you need to get TRELLO. It is so simple to use and all you need to do is write all your ideas on a TRELLO card and watch the app perform its magic.

If you are working on a project you don’t know how to manage, TRELLO can help you keep track of every step involved in your project.

You can also use TRELLO to assign new tasks to your workers and you can monitor them as each person currently works on them. Besides, it is very simple to use.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

My list would be incomplete if I don’t add WPS. It has helped me a lot and saved me from stress and unnecessary expenses. In the aforementioned paragraph, I explained how a friend of mine charged me for my ignorance when I just started freelancing until someone introduced me to WPS.

This app saved my ass; it made and still makes me to be able to present my work in a PDF format. Accessing or converting PDFs is not the only feature WPS possesses, it can also create presentations, texts, spreadsheets and word documents.

I strongly recommend WPS to all writers as it is very easy to use.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

As funny as this app name sounds, you might be tempted to think it’s rubbish but this app is a perfect example of the adage that says “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Remember The Milk is an app that lets you plan a task and assign tasks to other people. It has different amazing features like tags, priority etc. All these amazing features make RTM a very productive app. I think you should get it fast and try it yourself especially if you’re the type that tends to forget things easily.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Imagine you are part of the board of directors of a couple of companies and you really need to get your signature on multiple documents within a short time. You don’t need to sweat about this, HELLOSIGN can do the trick.

HELLOSIGN is an electronic signature app that can help you sign lots of documents anywhere you are. All you need to do is sketch your signature on the app or let HELLOSIGN get you a signature if you don’t have one.

It’s that simple. Another quality of HELLOSIGN includes separating signed from unsigned documents.

10. QUIP
Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

QUIP allows you to work and edit in one place. I absolutely know that opening and closing different tabs of your browser can be frustrating. Quip will let you receive both documents and messages together on one screen.

With quip, you can as well hold a meeting with your employees conveniently by adding all the tools you need. Try this and see how it works wonderfully. It is so fast.

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Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Do you know you can have a scanner on your Android phone?

SCANBOT is one of the best software scanners you can have on your phone which is very easy to use. All you need to do is to point your camera to the file you want to scan you would be surprised by how perfectly it works even when your camera is not good enough.

SCANBOT allows you to save the file to your drive. It can also be used to scan documents, barcodes, business cards and so on. This incredible app also allows you to work on your PDFs by rearranging it and adding notes to it.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Sometimes you plan to text a particular person at a particular time, but you simply forget when the time comes due to your busy schedules. You agree, right?

You could have even wished to be the first person to text your girlfriend on her birthday by 12 am prompt but you slept off. Yes, such instances can be so painful but with SMS SCHEDULER you don’t have to worry about forgetting or sleeping off.

All you need to do is to draft the message and set it to the time and date you want it to text the person.

13. MINT
Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This app is very important if you are a business person. Please, don’t joke with. It allows users to monitor all their bank accounts in one place which includes pension allowance account, savings account, business account and any other account.

Mint also enables users to track their spending on a daily basis. However, it does not have a transfer or deposit features but it is a very productive app.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Sometimes you want to write a business proposal to a very big company for a profitable contract but you are short of words and you don’t know the exact words to use when developing your bid. 

Don’t worry, BIDSKETCH makes that so easy and you don’t have to lose the contract. With BIDSKETCH, you can create a very convincing business proposal within a short period of time.

BIDSKETCH also has an electronic signature feature that allows your business proposal to be signed faster. It also has an amazing feature which allows you to know when a client opens your sales proposal or when they do a follow-up.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Flipboard is not an ordinary news app. You know browsing through the news website sometimes can be boring if you don’t see a topic that excites you or if don’t get to see something in your line of interest on time but with FLIPBOARD everything has been made easier.

Flipboard makes you choose the genre of news you wish to see on your dashboard.It is like a magazine where you can personalize your news interest.

With Flipboard, you can choose the source you want your news to come from, you can also design your own digital magazine and let other Flipboard users have access to.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This app was formerly known as READITLATER but now POCKET. It is a very productive app that helps you save your data and internet time.

If while browsing through the internet, you saw a link that caught your attention but you don’t want to stop what you are doing at the moment, you can easily add save the link to pocket and come back to it when you are ready to view it.

The moment you save the link, this amazing pocket app will obtain the content of the page and remove unimportant stuff from the link.

For instance, if you save news from a website, Pocket will remove things like advertisements, comments and irrelevant pop-ups from the page and give you only the pure content you need. That’s why it doesn’t display the whole page. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This is very similar to POCKET and arguably the best offline bookmark app. Let say you discover something interesting during your search for different things and you don’t want to end what you are working on presently.

With Instapaper, you can save the article for future reference. It’s best for the offline reading experience.

You can also save emails and videos. I personally use INSTAPAPER anytime I am using YouTube.

In your quest to search for a video on YouTube, you too might come across other videos that excite you, feel free to use Instapaper to save such videos so that you spend less effort searching for it when you are ready to watch it.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Buffer” is an app that makes you schedule your posts on social media. For example, if you want to post several pictures or posts on your Facebook page or group and you realize that posting it at the same time might be boring to your audience, with BUFFER, you could simply schedule the posts to publish at any time of your choice.

People also use BUFFER to advertise their business on social media platforms. Good news is it is very easy to use. All you just need to do is to add all your social media Platform to it and schedule the posts.

19. BOX
Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This is a very important app for a business organization. Box makes communication and sharing of files within an organization safe. Box secures all your organization files, videos and other documents.

It protects them in the cloud so that other members of your team can work on it easily and conveniently. Box secures all your files with the best security control systems and your confidential files are very safe from internet criminals.

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Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This is a multifunctional app. Though its primary function is to scan documents, CAMSCANNER is far more than a scanner. With CAMSCANNER, you can save content across various Android phones and computers. CAMSCANNER also has the ability to remove text from a picture.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This is a very important app to graphics designer though it is quite similar to Photoshop. PIXLR can remove spots from a picture, add text or tell a story with a picture. For an upcoming graphics designer, I would recommend PIXLR for you because it does not require special training or expertise, unlike other graphics editing apps.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This is an app that helps you to edit screenshots. SKITCH is from Evernote which makes you relate and understand pictures easily. With SKITCH, you can make screenshots look like a picture taken with a camera.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

This app allows you to connect all your business apps in one place. ZAPIER saves you the stress and time of switching tabs. With ZAPIER, you can connect all your work apps like feverr, Gmail and so on in one place called dashboard.

Fast-Track Your Productivity With These 25 Amazing Apps

Finally, LastPass is a very important app I personally don’t joke with. As a matter of fact, I have different accounts on different social media platforms like Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

So, you can’t expect me to know the passwords for 15 different apps, hence, I use LastPass to secure all my account. With LastPass, I don’t need to memorize any password. I just leave everything to LastPass to do the job for me.


In conclusion, productivity isn’t just about having double outputs. Time management and discipline can also optimize your productivity in an amazing way and that’s why you have a mix of diverse apps you can choose from.

Hey, I’m not saying you should get all the 25 apps but know what you need to be a better employee, employer, businessman, student or individual, then go get it. Stop stressing too much, you now know what some apps can do for you to make your life easier.

So, which app(s) has helped or still helps you a great deal? I would love to know too.

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Post Author: Emmanuel Ajibade

A young writer, counsellor and student of the University of Lagos.

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