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LearnoFlix – The Best Affiliate Program In Nigeria Right Now

Yes, I know you really want to know which of the numerous affiliate programs in Nigeria is really worth it. I am glad you took you time to want to research this before you make a decision.

I believe you already know what an affiliate program is. In case you don’t know enough yet or you need more insights, an affiliate program is simply an online system where you act as the middle man between a product owner and the person that needs the product of the company.

You get rewarded when a sale is made because you actually made the transaction successful by connecting the buyer to the seller. It is as simple as that. There are a number of them in Nigeria but I will focus more on the ones I have had pleasant experiences with, then you can find a list of other options you may want to try.

Enjoy the ride! 😆 

1. Learnoflix

The number 1 fastest-growing affiliate program in Nigeria right now is Learnoflix!

This affiliate program is unique because they have the best support group ever and other mind-blowing benefits!

You might be wondering why I made such conclusions. Don’t worry, I will explain better as you read further. 

A. Best support group ever

I have seen bankers quit their jobs and others leaving their survival jobs because they have finally found an incredible Nigerian who kickstarted an incredible movement to help others succeed.

This has rubbed off on every member of the affiliate program in such a way that any question you ask is not left unattended. The admins on the groups are always available to answer your queries on the official platforms made for affiliates and they also process your payment every Friday.

There are also meetups in different parts of the country where affiliates present in one location can actually meet each other to share their success stories, help newbies get more directions and also take pictures or lunch together. Massive, I’d say!

B. Low startup cost

How does Learnoflix work? You have to pay a sign-up fee of N50,000 to become a registered affiliate. This commitment opens you up to diverse training worth over $1000 already made available on your dashboard.

Once you make payment, your link which serves as your ID card gives you the ability to promote any product of your choice. That link is peculiar to you alone and can be used to trace every sale you have made.

This way, your commissions are calculated by the company and you receive your money from wherever you are in the world. So, it has a low capital cost and requirement because you only have to pay a signup fee and then you will continue to earn millions for life.

Join LearnoFlix ASAP and you will not feel stranded halfway into the whole seamless process. Feel free to send me a chat on WhatsApp for more details and clarifications.

C. Passive income

The reason why many people are into affiliate marketing today is that you don’t need an office or need to move from one place to the other before you begin to earn. Simply put – no stress involved.

You can simply wake up in the morning, turn on your laptop and internet, then drop your affiliate links in a few places and that will be all for the day. No customer service issues, no angry office colleagues, no traffic stress, no competition, no pressure.

Other affiliate programs are on this list below. You may choose to start with Learnoflix and then combine it with others when you have gotten a good grip of what affiliate marketing is all about. 

2. AffiliatedNg

7DC is one of Africa’s popular affiliate companies that provides diverse methods of generating passive income online through the fast-selling digital products available on the platform.

In fact, 7DC aims to raise young Africans to earn nothing less than 500,000 naira monthly. Like every other corporate company out there, 7DC has its goal spelt out.

It aims to raise one million young and intelligent millionaires from affiliate marketing that will not be tied down to a corner or office. As an affiliate, you will be able to explore the world and live your life nurturing the happiest, healthiest, and most beautiful families and still earn not less than $1000.

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I will be willing to hold you by the hand until you start earning too. I will also add you to my mentorship class if you are ready to start your affiliate marketing business immediately. Contact me here.

3. Travelstart affiliate program

When it comes to the travel agency affiliation program, Travelstart’s program is the best in Nigeria. Talk of highly competitive commission rate, state of art technology platform, real-time reporting, and high-performance payout.

You can sign up for free if you are a blogger, travel agent or you just want to generate some passive income. All you need to do is create engaging content that talks about the company and drop your affiliate link there.

You can promote and sell flight tickets on your blog or other online platforms. You can embed the Travelstart’s I-frame to your website or sell flight tickets through text links. Either way, you can earn as high as 70% of the profit made on ticket sales.

4. Jumia Kol program

Jumia Kol is an affiliate program offered by one of Nigeria’s largest online markets.

You can advertise for Jumia by sharing your unique tracking links on your website, app, social media platform, blog, or any other online platform.

You can also sign up for free to start earning commissions which are paid when a minimum threshold is reached.

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5. Expertnaire affiliate program

Expertnaire is a digital marketplace for information products. You must have heard about ClickBank of Nigeria, it is an unofficial name of Expertnaire.

The core of the Expertnaire affiliate program is recommending digital products of high value.

For every successful purchase of the product you recommend, you get a commission that could be as high as #20,000. You can join this program as an ordinary affiliate for #50,000 per annum.

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6. Konga 

This is a reseller program with a great sales scheme powered by Konga. You have to visit the Konga affiliate website to sign up for the program.

Once you create an affiliate account you can start selling products. You can get and purchase your products from manufacturers or wholesalers for a low price and then sell the same product for a higher price on Konga.

You can also sell products for a commission which is payable directly to your bank account on Konga’s payday.

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7. Payporte 

With over 80,000 branded and design label products, Payporte is the largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer in Nigeria.

It is free to sign up and you will get accepted into the affiliate program immediately. Once you have successfully signed up, you can start promoting Payporte’s product using promotional materials such as banners and referral links.

8. Web4Africa 

Asides from getting tips on how to avoid web design mistakes, Web4Africa is a one-stop shop for things relating to website development. You don’t have to be a techie to be an affiliate although knowing a thing or two about websites would help.

Web4Africa deals with reseller and shared web hosting. The platform also offers e-commerce solutions and affordable domain name registration. Web4Africa affiliate program allows you to earn money by recommending Web4Africa’s product and service to customers.

To get started, you have to sign up for the program on the official website. Once you have successfully registered, you can choose the product you’ll like to promote on your dashboard.

All you have to do is refer clients to purchase one of their services. Web4Africa offers domain name registration and transfer, web hosting, windows hosting, SSL certificates, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers.

You would have access to promotional material such as banners and referral links which you can share on social media or embed in your website. Once there are sales that come from your affiliate account, your commission is remitted and you will get paid once you’ve reached the threshold.

9. Wakanow

Wakanow is an online consolidator that operates in 2 African Countries, the UK, the US, and the UAE. They offer highly discounted fares on the affiliate portal which allows affiliates to make a profit by price markup.

Another way, though subtle, is the referral program which also allows the affiliate to earn a referral commission. This enables individuals and travel agencies to sell highly discounted Wakanow travel products for a profit.

This product includes flight, tour packages, hotels, and transportation. To join the affiliate program is straightforward.

Registration is free. You can register on the affiliate portal and pay the registration fee. Your approval follows after confirmation of your payment and our login credentials are sent to you. Once, you have this, you can start making sales and earning a commission.

You would get value for your money through features like expert support, easy booking, selling under your brand, fare paid in instalment, and prompt payment of a commission.

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10. Vconnect 

Vconnect is an online store where you can buy and sell goods and hire professionals for your work.

They don’t charge any service fee for transactions made on their platform. You can become a Vconnect affiliate by signing up for free. Once you become approved, you can proceed to promote the products to attract customers.

You can also advertise on social media, blogs, or your website to get clicks and drive sales.

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11. WhoGoHost 

WhoGoHost offers web hosting and associated service. Its affiliate program is about referrals. This affiliate program is straightforward – recommend any of WhoGoHost products and services to a customer and gets paid once the customer pays.

The referral commission is as high as 15%. You can make the recommendation through word-of-mouth or using your unique affiliate link created for you. You can make a withdrawal request once you hit the minimum balance of #3000 only.

12. Dealdey 

Dealdey is a daily deal website with a lot of deals across several categories. Dealdey’s affiliate program, just like, is simple.

All you have to do is generate sales on Dealdey through banners or your unique links. Signup for the program is free, easy, and requires little technical knowledge. You can advertise using your unique affiliate links or deep links to product pages.

Any of these two means can generate commission for you directly into your bank account. Other perks include a 30-day cookie lifetime, unlimited support for the affiliate team, and additional funds asides from the regular commission.

13. Qservers affiliate program

Qservers is a web hosting company that focuses on domain hosting and registration. One of the best ways to monetize the traffic on your website is through the Qservers affiliate program.

You can also earn money through the recommendation of Qservers services. You can get up to a 20% one-time referral commission. Sign up is easy and free. Once you signup, you can share your unique link or paste the Qservers banner on your site.

You get paid for every signup that comes from your link or banner. You can withdraw your earnings once your earning is above the #3000 threshold.

14. Luno

Luno is a cryptocurrency wallet built with the customers in mind. Becoming a Luno affiliate is as simple as opening a Luno account. This will take you a couple of minutes to set up.

Once you set this up, you can opt for any (or all) of the three “rules” of Luno’s affiliate program. The first rule is ‘refer a friend’ which rewards you with bitcoin for referrals.

The second rule is ‘referral campaigns’ which rewards you for inviting new customers to events and campaigns. The third rule is the ‘seasonal promotions’ which rewards you for promoting the seasonal campaigns such as competition and giveaways.

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15. Travelbeta

TravelBeta is an online travel agency that offers travel products and technology. Its affiliate program puts that power of pricing into the hands of the affiliates.

This allows you to adjust pricing for travel products such as flights, hotels, and tour packages at great discounts. You can sign up for the affiliate program for free.

If you are accepted into the program, you can choose any of the promotional materials such as text links, white labels, banners and XML feeds to display on your website, blog, or any other platform. You can get paid monthly once customers purchase through your link.

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16. Domainking

Domainking offers web hosting plans to its customers. As a Domainking affiliate, you earn commissions by referring customers to purchase any of the web hosting plans available at Domainking.

After you sign up for the affiliate program, you will get access to your unique affiliate link and the codes for ad banners. You can use this for promotion and get paid for all customers that use this link to make a purchase.

17. HOG furniture affiliate program

HOG furniture is one of the leading furniture companies with a strong online presence. This allows them to service a wider range of people. Their customer base is increasing every day because of their great affiliate program.

The percentage might seem small at 3% for the sales but when you check the actual value it is as high as some affiliates’ 20% commission. This commission is paid into your account a few days after the purchase is made.

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19. JvZoo 

JvZoo is known for its wide variety of high-paying digital products. They offer products such as fonts, training, themes, plugins, software, membership programs, templates, and other downloadable products.

JvZoo bridges the gap between digital product creators and affiliate marketers. The affiliate program is free to join and you can sell all products from just one account. The affiliate program also offers instant JV profit sharing, recurring payments, automated affiliate payment, digital delivery protection, and seamless integration.

20. Clickbank 

ClickBank affiliate program serves as a link between digital content creators and affiliate marketers. The key selling point of ClickBank is flexibility. You probably wouldn’t find an affiliate program with flexibility as much as ClickBank. It is an e-commerce website that sells digital products. As an affiliate, you can choose any product you want to promote and commissions can go as high as 75% on the sales of some digital products.

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21. WarriorPlus 

WarriorPlus affiliate program offers a platform where affiliates promote digital products put up by vendors. Some of the great things about this program are that it is easy to start with little screening. The products are also common, easy to market, and you get paid instantly.

22. Clickfunnels 

ClickFunnels is a software as a service organization. As a SaaS company, they pay their affiliate a recurring income throughout the active time of all the customers you refer. This separates the ClickFunnels affiliate program from others since you continue to get paid as long as the customer you refer keep using the ClickFunnels service. Another upside of ClickFunnels is that you can promote anything. The program also offers one of the best affiliate Bootcamps where you’ll be trained to become an expert.

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23. GetResponse

GetResponse affiliate program provides a platform to earn by promoting an all-in-one marketing software product used by many marketers globally. The commission is respectable with a one-time $100 and a 33% recurring commission on sales.

24. Buiderall 

Buiderall affiliate program offers affiliates the opportunity to market one of the best-selling software in the market. You can join the program for free as a solo affiliate where you have limited access and about a month before you can start promoting. However, for as low as $29 per month, you get instant to become an affiliate and access to all the features.

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25. Aliexpress 

At over $100,000 per month, the Aliexpress affiliate program is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the world. Top affiliates often earn up to $20,000 monthly. There are millions of products, over a hundred thousand sellers, and buyers from more than two hundred countries on Aliexpress. This presents a virtually limitless opportunity to promote products. To join the program is free and easy with just a few clicks. After your free registration, you will get links you can use to promote items from Aliexpress. You earn commission as people buy on Aliexpress using your unique link.

26. Grammarly

Grammarly is a proofreader, online grammar and punctuation checker, and plagiarism checker tool. Its affiliate program is one of the highest paying CPA affiliate programs. For every lead you send the way of Grammarly, you get paid a sizeable referral commission.

You get $0.20 as commission for every free signup while you get $20 for every signup that upgrades to premium. You also earn 10% of referral income made by all affiliates under your referral. If you earn $2000 or more in a month, you earn a bonus of 10% of the amount.

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27. Amazon 

Saying Amazon is a popular online store would be an understatement. Amazon offers amazon affiliate marketing rewards. The online store offers a wide range of product that is available for promotion. To make money off the Amazon affiliate program is quite easy once you can meet the requirements. After signup, you have got to drive relevant traffic. Relevant in the sense that the traffic must take action which results in the sale of the product. Payment procession is quite easy and you can get paid directly into your account with a Payoneer account.

28. Kartra 

Kartra affiliate program allows an affiliate to promote their software product and earn a commission. It offers up to 40% recurring commissions on every purchase made through your unique link.

29. Fiverr 

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is one of the leading freelance service marketplaces. If offers the widest varieties of outsourced services. Becoming a Fiverr affiliate is as easy as just signing up on the website. It is free to sign up and you get access to marketing material and tools. You can earn a referral commission once you refer someone and the person signup. You get paid for every first-time buyer and there is no limit to how much you can earn on referral.

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30. Commission Junction 

Commission Junction affiliate allows publishers and affiliates to make money by earning a commission for everything they sell or products listed on their platform. It is free to sign up as far as you own a website to promote the products.

31. Spocket 

Spoket’s affiliate works like dropshipping where you don’t have to sell a product rather you can forward orders to suppliers who will ship the product. Spocket affiliate program offers a commission of up to 30% on all sales and up to $450 for referrals.

32. ShareASale 

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks which has been around for about two decades. As a ShareASale affiliate, you can promote a wide variety of products which could be business products, fashion products, agricultural products, and home products.

It cost about $650 to sign up as a merchant affiliate but way less to sign up as a publisher. Once you signup and have started making sales, payment is easy and you should expect payment every 20th of the month once you’ve reached the payment threshold

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33. Rakuten 

Rakuten has a lot of digital and physical products up for promotion. You have to go through a registration process to join the program. You also need to apply for various merchants to promote products offers.

34. FlexOffers 

Flexoffers affiliate program allows the affiliate to promote digital and physical products for a commission. You also earn up to 50% of the commission earn by affiliates that signup through your referral link.

35. Shopify 

Shopify’s affiliate program allows an affiliate to earn by recommending products listed on their website. The signup process is thorough but if you scale through that, you can get approval in 24hours.  It remits payment through PayPal and the basic payout is $58.

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36. PowerHouse affiliate program

Powerhouse offers two affiliate programs. The free affiliate program limits your earnings to just commission from referrals. The paid premium plan, on the other hand, gives you full access to all the affiliate features.

37. Avangate

As a SAAS business, affiliates can promote Avangate’s subscription-based software. You earn a monthly commission on the monthly fee paid by anyone you referred. Avangate is quite selective at approving new affiliates so you have to work hard to be approved.

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38. Envato affiliate program

Envato is a digital platform that sells products such as website plugins, themes, and other online software solutions.  The affiliate program allows affiliates across the world to promote these products for a commission. The payment is made directly into bank accounts.

39. Udemy

Udemy is a top destination for online teaching and learning. Its affiliate program offers up courses for affiliates to promote and earn commissions. Udemy pays up to 15% commission to their affiliates.


Feel free to join any of the affiliate programs in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. You may choose to combine it with other affiliate marketing programs.

You can also send me a chat on WhatsApp for more details and clarifications. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section after you have made a decision. All the best with your financial goals this year and beyond. Winks. 😉 

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