13 Mind-blowing Benefits Of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Outsourcing is a concept that has grown in popularity around the world throughout the years. It can be defined as the process of hiring a company that is outside of your business to complete work for you. For example, since we’re speaking on the lines of digital marketing, you could outsource SEO/SEM experts from themarketingheaven.com to optimise the SEO of your website, or maybe to increase the reach of your social media networks.

Time – the most crucial resource, is rarely available. Moreso, you as an entrepreneur has a lot of activities to do but the time to do them all is not just there.

To make the matter more cumbrous, the in-house marketing team needs more attention in terms of management and resources to perform.

In-house marketers may minimize cost in the short run especially when the business is still in her early stages but in the long run, it would not add up.

Hence, outsourcing marketing tends to take care of the lapses of in-house marketing. It involves the appointment of marketing experts to market your business. They bring their expertise, up to date hard and software packages and “ready to run” personnel to the table. They even devise ways to enhance your business’s GMB rankings (you can learn how to troubleshoot your gmb rankings over here).

With the service of the correct outsourced marketing team for your business, your business will soar higher, faster and further than you already think. Having doubts? 

Here are 13 amazing benefits of outsourcing your marketing.

1. Outsourcing saves you time

You gain considerable time on outsourced marketing. You pay the marketing firm for their time so you could have time on your side. The time which you could have used to recruit, plan and execute marketing is saved as a result of outsourcing.

Whether you are running a startup or an established business, outsourcing your marketing to an agency gives your employees more time to focus on other aspects of work.

If they had to focus on the marketing campaign themselves (also referred to insourcing), there is a chance that other work would be left behind and time would be wasted on it.

The in-house team would also have holidays to take, could be off sick, etc. meaning that your campaign is left half-finished.

Outsourcing it, therefore, would mean that the work could get done efficiently and to a high standard. You could use that extra time to learn new things about your business, make research, improve the methods and techniques you currently employ in your day to day activities.

2. It saves you money

Outsourcing your debts is a good example

All businesses look towards reducing cost or increasing income or having both at the same time.

It will take a lot of resources to startup and maintain a standard in-house marketing team, whereas you can get a better marketing option when you outsource for a fraction of that.

Resources need not be monetary alone. It includes the time, space and the tools needed for the in-house marketers to function properly. Outsourcing ensures that capital cost is cut which is a major advantage to your business

Even though there is the initial outlay of money, it will save you money in the long term. If your team lacks the expertise required to complete such a task, you will have to hire someone.

This is an expensive and drawn-out process. You might also have to spend out on the correct resources and technology needed to complete the digital marketing campaigns.

Both of these issues don’t exist when you outsource.

3. Outsourced marketing companies have more expertise

Everyone prefers experts to work with them. Professional markets are brought to the platform when you outsource. This means that expert hands are made readily available to you as you outsource.

Following on from the above point, it’s clear that an outsourced company will have more expertise than that of the in-house team.

This is simply due to the number of clients that they have worked with and the variety of campaigns they have created.

Everyone wants to succeed in business, that’s undeniable.

And through a killer marketing campaign, you can do exactly that. An outsourced company will have the vision and innovation, which your in-house team might have lacked.

4. You get a new perspective of your business

Often when you are working within a business, you don’t see what it looks like from the outside.

What’s meant by this is that you might not see how it can be improved and what steps you can take to do this.

An outsourced marketing agency won’t completely change your business by any means, but they can suggest ways in which you can improve.

You will not only have access to internal but external information that will profit your business. The agency you outsource to will introduce to you marketing campaigns you might have never thought of. Your sales will increase, especially when you go to this web-site, and when you outsource the right marketing team.

This can be done either through ensuring the content is optimized, that the campaigns are successfully promoted, etc.

5. More than enough resources

Whenever the in-house marketing team is pitched against outsourced marketing, outsourced marketing always wins. There is a pool of resources to benefit when you outsource marketing such as:

  • Years of research: You will have access to a series of researches done and the benefits thereof. You will enjoy the market analysis and marketing strategies the organization you are outsourcing your marketing to have done.
  • Equipment and tools: This will be a major save for you. Marketing equipment is made readily available to you for use. Billboards, trucks, banners and other advertisement means will be offered which will cost a fortune for you to purchase or rent. Tools for marketing will also be obtainable that will make marketing your business efficient and effective.
  • Human: One of the resources you may not have much access to is human resources. You will need more than you can probably cater for. Take, for instance, you need a dozen marketers but except you lay them off their cost will get too large for the expected income. When you outsource, you are entitled to have enough personnel needed for effective marketing.

6. Tasks are easily achieved

Work smarter by not multitasking

If you like it the easy way, employing experts to help you is the best way. Come to think of it – you’ll have an expert in the field of marketing with lots of experience who will naturally break more grounds than someone who is just starting up with little or no experience.

When you outsource marketing, you make marketing strategies and implementation seem effortless since you have capable hands to do the heavy lifting for you.

Another easy thing about outsourced marketing and any other outsourcing is the elimination of training. You do not have to train the marketers yourself, the organization you hire will do that for you. 

Besides, over time, the in house marketing may become slack and become less productive. Sales and income are not usually guaranteed by the in-house marketing department. Where in-house can take weeks or months to set up, the outsourced marketer would have started work and become fully functional.

7. Economies of Scale

The reduction in the unit price of production as the production increase is the simplest of the economy of scale definition. The same applies when you outsource, you will be able to save resources especially time compared to when you do marketing in-house.

Economies of scale make you ready to run

Ready to run is the term used for things that need little or no work to perform. This applies to outsource marketing. Let me intimate you with a few things you cross off your list when you outsource.

  • Need to employ marketing staff; no! You already have an organization to that effect
  • Need to train new staff; they are experts already
  • Need to manage the marketing department; they have their management

The package comes with full access to great marketing schemes without the hassles that would have come with it if it were in-house.

8. Management of Risks

13 Mind-blowing Amazing Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing
13 Mind-blowing Amazing Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing

All areas of your business carry the risk of a certain degree. For outsourced marketing, the marketer bears the risk related to marketing. They manage and take decisions concerning market risk which may come in the form of competition, regulations, and changes in technology.

It is their area of concentration. Who better handles it than them? The risk of tarnishing your business reputation and not having capable marketers is curbed by the marketing firm. 

Additionally, a complete set of skills and resourcefulness are made readily available to you as you engage the agency. This will reduce the risk of negligence and mistakes to a great degree. You do not need to get or start training people with a particular set of skill.

Marketing agencies will have community manager, content creator, designers, developers and account managers that are competent and are already working together.

These skill sets, even if you have them internally, won’t be easy to control like the agency that uses them primarily will. So, it is easier to outsource to agencies where these skills have been utilized, tested and tried together over time.

9. Increased Productivity

Your overall productivity will increase as a result of your undivided attention you will give to your business. Another factor that will ensure greater productivity is that your employees too will perfect their skill with their exclusive devotion to the job.

You get pretty efficient in what you do over and over again. As you get better with production, the outsourced marketers also get more efficient which means more for you too.

Even though you are less involved in marketing activity, you are gaining grounds in the market. Outsourcing marketing gives you the opportunity of employing the services of more than one marketing agencies.

You can get different agencies to face different market situations. Each marketing agency has their area of specialization, so you can exploit this to your gain.

10. No Redundancy

Whenever you are tired of redundancy and you need to get new ideas, then its time to consider outsourcing. Outsourcing marketing introduces you to the new market that the agency brings with them.

There is no limit to marketing now that the world is a global village. Your business could reach the parts of the world you or your staff cannot physically reach.

Your business will not only reach new places, but it will also have access to new tools, the latest marketing trends and technology. They will be available to test for a very low cost compared to having to get those tools and try them out yourself.

You may not even be aware of those tools or might get the information about the updates late which might cost you dearly.

11. Considerate Staff Expenses

To get more done, you need more input. It is nature’s law. If you want your marketing to get done faster and better, you will outsource marketing. They will be able to cover more grounds and reach the target faster more efficiently than you could have under the same circumstances.

You will eliminate the need for short time marketers once you outsource. The agency will provide the needed labour as per your need and you wouldn’t need to spend that excessive amount for extra hands.

A temporary employee can be expensive to get and tough to manage if you want then to produce up to your expectation. Furthermore, employee turnover is grossly reduced or eliminated.

The marketing department you set up might not retain all those you started with. They may leave as they become experts above your remuneration or go for career advancement.

If the rate of turnover is too high, it will negatively affect your business and the cost of recruiting and training new intakes will be too much.

12. It gives you an edge

You cannot deny the fact that you are not the only one in this line of business; you have competitors. Some of your competitors have been in this business for a while probably before you and they have grounds.

You have to face the competition by finding the cheapest way to go about this – Outsource.

You can rest assured that internal inconsistencies will not affect your external image especially your marketing when you outsource. When a key person in your marketing department falls sick or takes a leave, you won’t have to worry about filling the vacant position immediately. It wouldn’t be your problem if you outsource.

Another instance – if there is a misunderstanding and there is a cause for strike action, this will bring your marketing to a halt or slow it down if you market with the in-house department.

13. You can measure your ROI (Return on Investment) easily

13 Mind-blowing Amazing Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing
13 Mind-blowing Amazing Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing

Marketing which is the soul of all business is a time-consuming task. Often time, marketing schemes are planned and executed in-house but over time, it is observed that it is a bulky exercise.

One of the benefits of outsourcing marketing is that you will constantly receive updates of the process they have made on the project and how well it is performing.

This gives you a good indication of the return on investment (the profit you have received vs. your initial investment). This measurability isn’t possible if you insource the work.

Besides, when you outsource, the pay of the marketers is based on the return of investment. This is enough motivation to outperform both the in-house and competitors marketers. Even among the professional marketing agencies, the return on investment is used as the yardstick to measure success.


Marketing which is the soul of all businesses is a time-consuming task. Often time, marketing schemes are planned and executed in-house but over time, it is observed that it is a bulky exercise.

This can be done through a number of ways including social media campaigns, content marketing, email marketing, etc.

You should consider those important marketing activities that require special skills, experience, and method which can be performed offsite for outsourcing.

You have seen and weighed the benefits of outsourcing marketing. Smartly doing it will broaden your horizon and enable you to focus on the central service your business has to offer.

It’s time to break new grounds, get an advantage and get ahead of them, bring on innovation by outsourcing marketing.

You can see the benefits of outsourcing are worth it. Little wonder outsourced marketing has become such a popular idea.

Which of these benefits of outsourcing resonate with you the most?

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