Why Your Website Design Affects Your Business

First impressions matter! so does your website design.

According to research, it only takes 5 seconds for a website visitor to click elsewhere if they aren’t happy with what they see.

This can be frustrating for you because you want to convert those visitors into paying customers.

So, if your conversion rate is low, you do need to consider why this might be the case.

We have some suggestions as to why that might be in this article, although if you want to pinpoint a more accurate answer for your particular situation, you might want to read this article on conversion rate optimization to help you gather information from your website data.

With the suggestions in the linked article, and with reference to the ideas we have below, you might then find a way to build a strategy to improve your website and your conversion rate, and consequently, find greater success within your business.

Here are the reasons why your website design might be hindering your online business.

1. Your website appears untrustworthy

Is your website secure? If not, your customers won’t trust your site because they don’t want to risk their payment details being compromised.

You need to set up SSL (secure socket layers) on your website because this is the best way to instil confidence in your visitors.

Then think about your website in general terms. You need to have an ‘about me’ page, so your visitors know there is a human face behind the website. And you also need contact details imprinted on your site, be that a business phone number or email address.

These are just some of the ways you can engender trust in your site visitors, so ensure these things are included on your website.

2. Your website is poorly designed

An ugly-looking website won’t hold any appeal for its visitors, so compare your website with others online.

Does your site stand up in comparison, or does it lack the visual appeal of better websites?

Does your write-up link to credible sites or send visitors to those pesky ‘404 page not found’ errors?

Is your font easily readable or does it suffers under the colour of your background design? Are the appropriate web pages clearly signposted? Is there a chance your visitors won’t know how to get from page A to page B?

To help you, I will encourage you to consider these website design tips but if you fall short of these areas, do consider hiring a website designer to give your site the professional look and feel that it needs to help improve your conversion rate.

3. You have too many call-to-actions

Used correctly, call-to-actions can effectively convert your site visitors into customers.

However, if you have added too many to your site, your efforts can be counterintuitive.

Not many people like being told what to do, so if your visitors are confronted by an endless array of pop-ups and banners, you might annoy them and turn them away.

Therefore, limit the number of call-to-actions you use so as not to antagonize them. There are other, gentler ways, to encourage them to buy from you, with informative blog posts, video tutorials, and customer testimonials, being just a few examples of the additions you should add to your website.


Your website is your greatest asset, especially if you’re running an online business, but don’t let it become your greatest enemy.

Follow the suggestions in this article, and then continue your research to eliminate any possible conversion blockers and consequently, improve your sales.

So what tip do you find interesting?

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Post Author: Joseph Abimbola

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