Solar Watch pros and cons

Watches are an essential accessory when you need to tell the time.

Newer models now include quality-of-life features to make the product worth owning.

One of which is the solar watch. Like their predecessor, solar watches use photovoltaic cells as part of their energy usage. It does not need a battery since it only needs solar power. Once exposed to sunlight, it transforms the energy to power up the watch.

To invest in solar watches, you need to weigh the pros and cons. If you buy one without knowing what it offers, you will lose the point of owning it. Therefore, you should research the watch’s offers to know if it fits your budget. It applies to all models in any collection available.

3 Pros Of Solar Watches

Any watch is good to own that improves your quality of life. For example, the Seiko Astron GPS Solar has the essential features of a solar watch for any event. As stated earlier, you do not need to change the battery because it stores energy gained from sunlight.

Here are the pros to consider when getting a solar watch.

1. Eco-friendly

Since you do not change batteries, it lessens environmental impact. It results in fewer harmful chemicals left behind by the battery resulting in a greener future.

2. Zero maintenance

Compared to conventional watches, they do not need any maintenance or servicing. It saves you additional costs even after purchasing one. As long as there is light available, the watch can operate smoothly.

3. High power reserves

When the solar watch gets charged enough, it can store the remaining power in a high power reserve. It conserves the remaining energy when not in use. As a result, the battery life of a solar watch is longer than a typical mechanical or automatic watch.

2 Cons Of Solar Watches

While there are benefits to solar watches, there are cons you need to consider. Solar watches address specific problems but cannot apply to specific situations. But if you still want one, there is nothing wrong with getting a solar watch for your collection.

Check out the cons of solar watches:

1. Needs constant light

Since it relies on a light source, having no light means the watch will not work. You can use artificial light, but it will not be as effective as natural light. Therefore, place the solar watch in an area with a strong natural light source.

2. Slightly higher than quartz watches

Another setback to solar watches is the price. Since the technology is more advanced than quartz watches, consider that you do not have to change batteries. Think of it as an exchange when upgrading your timepiece. Once you can afford one, it shows you support the craftsmanship of solar watches.

Wrapping Up

The pros and cons of solar watches can help you decide whether to get one for your collection.

Its benefits include not needing to change batteries with lower maintenance costs.

However, it is slightly more expensive than your typical watch. It is up to you if you want to own a solar watch.

Ultimately, solar watches upgrade your quality of life while also having a good timepiece to own.

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