5 Ideas & Steps For Successful AI Mobile App Development

Unlocking the power of AI has revolutionized many companies, enabling them to reshape the way we interact with technology.

As we stand on the edge of the new era, a new frontier is emerging, and that is promising new innovations in AI applications for mobile apps.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how AI is getting involved in AI mobile app development.

From self-learning algorithms to automation, this article holds the key to enhanced transformations that AI is providing in mobile applications. Welcome to the next frontier, where innovation has no bounds.

The Use of AI in Mobile Apps

Let’s just state that AI application development is all about how smart an algorithm is (read the Topflight blog to know more). However, it is not that simple, and honestly, it costs a lot. Due to the smartness, AI app development is becoming a new thing.

Nowadays, companies are integrating AI into mobile apps, enabling them to make the apps smart. Here are some of the use case applications that are very popular among mobile users.

Image Recognition

Have you heard about the Wanna Kicks app? Yes, the one that overlays an image of shoes as soon as you move the camera toward your feet. That is all because of AI. The AI detects the feet and helps you in choosing the right shoes.

Text Recognition

Mobile app companies are leveraging the power of AI and using them in text recognition apps. Translating, copying, and writing is some of the cool stuff that users can do using the AI app.

Speech to Text

Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa have a common feature where a user can speak something, and the app will search for it. That is what speech-to-text recognition is. AI translates the messages and develops a search list. The same is the concept with virtual nurses. The app can mimic the patient’s mood and provide solutions to adjust the mood.



Artificial mobile application development is getting attention because it can track personal preferences and tastes. Music companies are integrating AI in apps to give more refined suggestions to listeners. Honestly, this is the biggest upselling for any company. If you know what a customer wants, you can target him more efficiently.

AI is not limited to these cases only. It has other use cases, such as predictive texts, intelligent bots, and automatic writing. With AI, the only limit is your imagination.

Upsides of AI Apps for Businesses

If you own a business, you always think of how you can spend less while making more. That is exactly what every business wants. The solution is AI. This tech stack can help you with that. Since AI can automate tasks, you can produce faster.

To conclude, AI can help businesses by providing the following features

  • Improved decision making
  • Less labor
  • Minimal operating costs
  • A quick analysis of the data
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Who can benefit from AI Apps?

The biggest question that comes into mind is why you should start an artificial intelligence app development.

Who are your customers? Who can benefit from your app? This section will give you an overview of targeted industries that can use the power of AI.

Fintech Industries

Fintech companies are the biggest players in AI apps. They use AI for a variety of cases, such as

Fitness Industry

GYMs, nutrition centers, and yoga studios can leverage the use of AI and attract customers. Such companies can use AI for the following

  • Customer data collection
  • Personalized meals solutions
  • Case prioritization
  • Fitness scans

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is one of the biggest industries that can generate unimaginable profits using AI. Here is how AI can be used in this area.

  • Game recommendations
  • AI opponents
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

Educational Sector

Typical use cases of AI for the educational industry are revolutionizing. You can target this industry by providing these

AI mobile app development- The Steps involved

So, what steps do you need to take to make an AI app for Android, for example? On a side note, developing an AI mobile app is a little bit different from that typical software. You need to add an extra step to the list of discovering, prototyping, developing, and advertising.

Read about AI application development steps in this chapter of the blog.

Knowing what to build

This is probably the only thing that will never change in any software development. You need to know what a customer wants. That is where discovery comes in.

Discovering involves

  • Business goals
  • Budget planning
  • Customer attraction plan
  • Customer needs
  • Tech to be used

By gathering this, you can develop a blueprint that will give you an idea of where to start.


Training AI models

For typical software, you can skip this step, but for AI, you need to train models. This is where you feed the model and train them to generate outputs. Training AI models is not easy, and it can take time. This is also known as machine learning.

Choosing the right ML algo is essential for such apps. If you cannot choose the right one and know what you want to build, there is no point in developing such apps.

Prototyping to find traction

Now that you have developed the model let’s talk about the UI and features side. How will your customers interact with the app? What will be the features?

This is where you cover these two points. Developing a prototype will help you in assisting with what to offer in the real app.

Since a limited number of customers will use the prototype, you can curate the features based on their reviews.

Developing the final version

At this point, you simply need to finish the design and development of the AI app.

Add all features and controls to the app. Make it live, and tell your users you have entered the game.

Advertising the beast

Obviously, you will need to tell customers that you have launched. For that, you need advertising. Send emails, make social media pages, mention yourself in the blogs, and up your ads game.

AI mobile app development is pretty confusing, but we have tried our best to remove that confusion.

Yes, it is daunting to start a new app. However, it is worth it. Don’t be scared because we are here to support you in this journey.

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