I am pretty sure you have heard of AffiliatedNg or 7DC but haven’t fully understood how it works. Let me show you how other smart young Africans and I have made money from it and how you can do the same.

Let your eyes capture these words of truth while your mind pictures reality.

Just like Learnoflix Affiiate Program, 7DC is also here to stay forever. The former name of the company was AffiliatedNg, but they are now known as 7DC.

Affiliate marketing is the magic that changes a 5-digit bank balance to a consistent 7 digits weekly income. How? You may ask. Hang on! I will answer all the questions you have about AffiliatedNg which is now 7DC.

What is AffiliatedNg?


AffiliatedNg which is now 7DC is one of Africa’s most popular affiliate companies that provides diverse methods of generating passive income online.

In fact, 7DC aims to raise young Africans to earn nothing less than 500,000 naira monthly. That is good news.

It is not an oil company, nor will it make you a politician. So, you do not have to worry about oil price fluctuations or the consequences of losing an election.

The best part is this – you do not have to quit your job if you already have one before you start earning from this platform. You can earn passively even while sleeping.

7DC is a job opportunity

Your many years of job hunting will end because 7DC will secure you a steady flow of income for life. Read that again. 🙂 

Like every other corporate company, 7DC has its goal spelt out. Raising one million young and intelligent millionaires from affiliate marketing that will not be tied down to a corner or office but will explore the world and live their life building and nurturing the happiest, healthiest, and most beautiful families and still earn not less than $1000 weekly.

I know you can’t wait to jump in. Just sit back and keep that popcorn going down slowly as you scroll your screen.

7DC increases your earnings




As long as you are always willing to implement the pieces of training given to you, your earnings on 7DC will continue to increase as you play your role as a registered affiliate of the company.

7DC is committed to hitting a sale turnover of N10,000,000,000, amounting to 4.5 trillion Nigerian Naira in one week across Africa. Wouldn’t you want to grow with such a company?

7DC is a source of passive income


Passive incomes are the best because it allows you to focus on other things in your life. If you are a student, it doesn’t disturb your studies. Are you a wife? It doesn’t affect your time with the children. If you’re a frequent flyer, it doesn’t change your tight schedule.

As long as you have an internet connection and your smartphone or laptop, you are all set to launch your affiliate marketing business. 7DC pays its affiliates weekly and creates that great opportunity for you to smile back home every week.

How does 7DC work?

7DC is a community of affiliate marketers who earn 7 digits commissions online by selling and referring buyers to products. You don’t need to be a producer or own a product.

All you need do is match clients to merchants and get your commission paid directly into your wallet linked to your bank account.

This platform also pays bonuses to committed members. This should clear your doubt and get rid of that feeling of insecurity or of being scammed.

How can I become a member?


To join the most thriving African affiliate community is simpler than opening a Facebook account. Just fill out the membership form here. Once you sign up, you need someone to guide you further to take the right steps. Feel free to contact me.

You will also find the support telegram and WhatsApp groups on your dashboard. These support groups, weekly training, and other amazing opportunities will open up to you as soon as you activate your account. 

How much is the registration fee?

Well, you do not need to pay any money to sign up but have to activate your account to access all the resources available for verified affiliates.

You can do this by paying to choose the subscription package of your choice and getting your training resources in your dashboard.

What follows after your sign-up?

Immediately after you sign up, two emails will be sent to your email address. One will require that you verify your account.

All you need do is click on the verify button and it will direct you to your dashboard where you can activate your account by making a payment.

After your verification, you can now go ahead and copy your unique link that will be used to promote digital products and other luxuries.

Secondly, you must watch the video on your dashboard and follow the instructions to start building your seven digits. This is what your dashboard looks like below.

How do I know if I am doing it correctly?

You do not have to worry about not doing the right thing. There are instructions on your dashboard that will guide you through every step and besides, there is complete training for you and many other people who have decided to change their lives. If you are still a bit confused, you can reach me directly here.

What does that tell you? That means you are not the only person in the community. There are thousands of online entrepreneurs like you too. For this reason, you will be connected to motivated people that will give you the drive to start earning too.

You will be trained as a beginner, intermediary, and expert. The community is committed to seeing you succeed. That is why there is always training for you at every stage and instructions to guide your every step.


How can I earn from this platform?

Here is the main thing. Here is how to get to that 7 digits weekly alert. There are seven ways you can make money from 7DC.

1. Referral


Number one is through referral. As I said, you are not alone on this platform, there are other people too and you are encouraged to invite your friends to join this great community and build your own network.

So now, what is the benefit of bringing my friends in? Alright, this is it. Apart from the fact that your friends will owe you gratitude for introducing them to a successful community that will change their lives, the community will also reward you for building the team.

You will earn a 40% commission for bringing in another committed member. All you have to do is copy your link from your dashboard and share it with your friends and family.

2. Direct Sales

Number two is by selling any product on the platform. You know very well that every business must have a product. That product is the reason it is in existence. 7DC has many digital products with commissions as high as 80%.

You can sell any of these products and earn from them. You are not only limited to products on this platform; you can also sell a wide range of products from the e-commerce platform 7DC.

Yes, you can go home with a whopping commission which is made easier with the sales strategies and frameworks provided which have been proven to be reliable. These secrets are exclusively known and made available only to registered members of 7DC.

3.  Referral’s referral

Number three is just amazing. This is what I call generational wealth. You can also earn from the referrals brought by your direct referral. When the referral of your referral makes his commitment fee, you earn from it.

4. Indirect Sales

Number four, you can earn commissions from the sale commission of your referral. When an affiliate in your team or direct network makes a sale and earns commissions, you also get your own commission.

5. Monetary rewards

The fifth way you can make money on 7DC is by winning monetary rewards. There are criteria you must meet before you can be SELECTED as a winner. These criteria are displayed on your dashboard.

Winnings are every month. Each month two lucky affiliate marketers that have met the criteria get a reward of 1 million Nigerian Naira. You can be a lucky winner just by following the instructions on your dashboard to be rewarded.

6. Profit sharing

The seventh method of earning money is the most interesting of all. Remember I told you that this platform is a super community? The truth is, it is more like a family because families share love.

At the end of every six months, there is always a profit-sharing formula. It is not your profit that is shared nor your referral’s profit. It is the profit of the entire community that is shared among its active members bi-annually, that is two times a year.

So, every six months, you get paid for being a member of 7DC. Which other company in Nigeria does that? I haven’t heard of any. Even well-established multinational companies do profit-sharing only once a year.

7. Challenges

The sixth way of making money on 7DC is through challenges. You can participate and win a challenge as a member of 7DC and get paid in value and money. Participating in challenges also helps you in earning from the five categories above.

How do I encourage people to join?

You do not need to talk too much. Everybody wants to make money. All you need to do is show them the figures. They will come asking questions when they see the sweet changes in you.

Remember, this community has a target – a goal of making 4.5 trillion Nigerian Naira every week. Now do the calculation. How much will that amount to in six months?

The active members will share this profit. Imagine how much you will go home with and how much change this amount will make in your life.

What are the benefits of being a member of 7DC?

There are so many things to benefit from 7DC as a member. Do not wait to be told. Join the platform now and enjoy the exclusive benefits below:

1 It will interest you to know that there are free gadgets for members of 7DC. You do not have to win it. It is a gift for choosing to be a member of the community. Examples of these gadgets are iPhone 12 pro max, Samsung S21 ultra, and many more.

2 As a member of 7DC, you will enjoy free bi-annual trips to foreign countries such as Dubai, Mauritius, Maldives, and many others. That means you can travel outside Nigeria twice a year to any of these countries with everything paid for by the 7DC community.

3 You will also benefit from a free health insurance scheme. 7DC will pay the premium for your health insurance policy. In the end, you will be the one to enjoy all the benefits of the insurance policy.

4 You will also have access to a 24/7 mentorship program with OluAyoola7D, the founder. That means you will learn the ultimate strategy of 7 digits millionaires, how to become a millionaire realtor, and lots more.

5 You will have a 24/7 telegram support group that will keep you motivated and focused on attaining your aim of 7 digits bank alert.

6 Have access to over 28 high-income skills that can earn you millions in a month. Skills that will help you unlock your superpower sales strategy.

7 You belong to a family-like community where you learn affiliate marketing professionally and mine it into gold.


7DC is the most profitable and effective affiliate marketing platform that helps you earn as much as $1000 weekly. This platform also exposes you to the most reliable techniques and strategies of affiliate marketing.

With a commitment fee of just N20,500, you have access to quality round-the-clock mentorship with the affiliate marketing guru OluAyoola 7D. 

Affiliate marketing is the next oil well and just like USA’s Amazon, Nigeria’s 7DC offers you a reliable platform to become a 7-figure affiliate expert by helping you to avoid most of the mistakes other affiliate marketers make.

Now that you have all the answers to your questions about AffiliatedNg, you have to back up your excitement by signing up right away and watching your income grow to its peak.

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Post Author: Abimbola Joseph

Abimbola Joseph is a creative content developer who derives pleasure in encouraging individuals to be the best they can be in all relevant facets of life. She believes that we all have a better version of ourselves which can be leveraged to impact others and make the world a better place. Connect with me on Instagram @abimbolajoe.

8 Replies to “AffiliatedNg/7DC: All About This Online Business”

    1. Is it a must to refer?
      Most people don’t have 20,500 naira
      So they’ll be waiting for you to show them your earnings, that’s your withdrawn earnings before they agree that it’s legit
      Can one make money without referrals at first?

      1. Hello Enitan, thanks for reading. It isn’t a must you refer, it is just the most common path affiliates take. If you prefer to stick to the sales of digital products on the platform, that will also work for you. Yes, I have earned well on AffiliatedNg. You can chat with me on WhatsApp to see my earnings and ask more questions – 07064520081

      1. It is very genuine. I have made six figures from it already and you can earn that too or even more than that. You can chat me up on WhatsApp via 07064520081 if you need more details.

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