A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor

Ojo Lekan is an example of a self-motivated individual despite the fact that he initially had some financial challenges during his school days. He didn’t let that deter him from leading his department from the first year to the fifth year, back to back.

He is a kind of brainy who sees having a B as failure, his definition of success is being the best you can be which includes having straight A’s. Little wonder he demonstrated exactly that during his 10 semesters in school.

Relax and enjoy this educative interview 😉 .

1. Your full name?

OJO, Lekan Damilola

2. Course studied, University, Graduation year and Final C.G.P.A?

Quantity Surveying, The Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria, 2014, CGPA – 4.77

3. Why did you choose that course of yours?

I was advised by a Professor in Civil Engineering to choose Quantity Surveying

4. Can you please share any difficulty or hurdle you faced as a student and how you overcame?

Finance was a great challenge when I was in school.

I worked with bricklayers at weekends and during holidays. This did not only give me the money I needed, it also helped me to understand some nitty-gritty that pertains to construction works.

5. What is your personal mission/vision statement?

Do I have one 🙂 ? Be the best you can.

6. What drives you to success?

Determination and hard work

A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor
A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor
7. What are your hobbies and dislikes?

Counselling, Discord

8. Were you in a love relationship while in school? if yes, how did you combine it with your academics without one affecting the other? If no, why?

This is complicated ooo. I was in a relationship at a time when I have not met the Lord Jesus. It did not affect my performance. Maybe because the lady was not staying around, we talked on the phone for a year before I opted out of the relationship.

9. Did you see yourself becoming a first-class student a few years back and why?

No. I gained admission into the university without aspiring to finish with first class. When the first-semester result of 100 Level was released and I emerged as the best student in the department and the faculty, I was not moved neither did I see it as a big thing. I just continued with my life and as God will have it, I led the department and the faculty all through my 10 semesters in school.

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10. What are the unique secrets or tips for finishing well in your department?

Helping others to succeed was the secret. I took many tutorials on different courses and it helped me to have a sound knowledge of those courses.

11. How did you achieve your goals of becoming a first-class student?

Through hard work, dedication and much prayers.

12. Was there any time you failed or any time you were not happy with your grades? Can you tell us about the experience?

Yes. I failed many courses. There were courses I ought to have an A but ended up having a B. One of the courses was INTRODUCTION TO MACROECONOMIC THEORY. I took the course about a year after meeting the Lord. The Lecturer told us then that whosoever will pass his course must be extremely sound.

I remembered we wrote the test in ETF hall. The test was in 3 sections. Section A was objective, Section B was a fill-in-the-gap type of question and Section C was theory. Sincerely, the questions were hard (Like the ones Queen of Sheba came to ask Solomon 🙄 ).

As we sat for the test, I heard the Spirit of the Lord said to me that the answers to the 11 questions in the objective sections are A because the Lecturer’s name starts with A. I did not believe this. So, I chose other options which were wrong and ended the test.  After the test, the Lecturer told us that the answers to all the objectives questions were A. I nearly cried that day.

Though, I begged God to forgive me for disobeying Him. When we were to sit for the exams, I purposed to do all that the Lord ordered me to do. I did them all but I could not make the desired A.

13. How did you get over it?

I purposed to always obey the Lord whenever he speaks to me.

14. Have you had any challenge with a lecturer in the past? How did you scale through?

No. I cannot remember any.

15. Would you advise students to combine academics with other activities on campus? Why?

Yes. I will advise that student combine academics with learning a skill.

A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor
A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor
16. Would you say you had more friends or lost more friends because of your goals and values? Kindly explain.

Yes. I had many friends. I just think it was normal to have people around you because of what they need at that particular time, and when they get it, they leave.

17. Have you ever been a recipient of any scholarship? How did you apply for it?


18. Is there any habit you are working hard to break and what are the measures you are taking to break it?

Not any.

19. During your undergraduate days, was there a mistake you made and wished you could undo?

Can’t think of any.

20. During your undergraduate days, was there something you couldn’t do but wished you did?

Not at all.

21. Has your choice of friends influenced your success in any way? How?


22. Has your structure of home and family influenced your success in any way? How?

Maybe Yes. I came from a poor background. So, I understood that I have to stand up to get some things done for myself.

A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor
A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor
23. What advice would you give students with a poor choice of friends and unsupportive family?

The student should devise means of actualizing the anticipated success. There are part-time jobs and skills that can be acquired in a few months.

24. Can you share a testimony that showed vividly that God was involved in your success?

Yes. My parent could not afford to get an apartment for me when I was having my pre-degree studies. My Aunt, Mrs B.I. Oluwatuyi, spoke to her colleague at work to allow me to live with her. This woman, Mrs C. L. Oguntuase, accepted me as her son for six (6) years without collecting a dime from me. She cared for and fed me as her son. That was a hand of God I cannot forget.

25. Is there any particular experience during your school days you will like to share? This could be in any area of life.

Not really.

26. Who do you see yourself becoming in the nearest future and how are you working towards that?

A Missionary, preacher, father and husband. If Jesus tarries, a Professor.

27. What advice would you give students who wish to be highly successful?

Be prayerful, hardworking, determined, move with men of positive minds and have elders in your profession who can lift you up.

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28. What advice would you give Nigerian students, Nigerian lecturers and Nigerian Universities?

Nigerian students should not be discouraged by the present stand of teaching and learning in the Nigerian Universities. Things will get better and doors to unleash your potentials will soon be opened, only if you don’t relent in becoming better every day.

Nigerian Lecturers should not also be discouraged by the academic system and remunerations.

Nigerian universities should be well equipped by the government; young lecturers should be encouraged and furnished with all facilities necessary for modern-day teaching and learning. It is needful to remember that the survival of any life is based on the development level of his successors.

29. Any advice to give to a student who has failed severally and about to give up?

Such students should stand up and give it one more try. Nothing in life is insurmountable

A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor
A Talk With An Extra-ordinary Quantity Surveyor
30. What is your definition of success?

Success is having men trace their successes to you.

31. What have you been up to since you graduated?

I will soon complete my Master’s Degree. I already have two publications in the local journal and presently work on some others to be published in international journals. Recently, I learnt some tailoring skills and I am also involved in Mission works (raising support for Missionaries, Speaking at Christian meetings on Mission)

32. Would you like to drop your mail, just in case anyone wants to ask you further questions?

Ans: ojolekand@gmail.com

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